Barowka and Bonura, Engineers and Consultants, LLC.
Barowka and Bonura
Engineers and Consultants, LLC.

Barowka and Bonura is a multi-discipline engineering consulting firm specializing in civil engineering design, construction management, and computer consulting services. BBEC is a locally owned company operating in Jefferson parish since 1993.

Our Team is experienced in water and wastewater treatment plant design, operation, and maintenance management, landfill leachate collection and treatment, water transmission, sewerage collection, road and bridge design, program management, and stormwater management planning. Our experience includes managing the various public works projects through construction and ensuring that a quality project is completed on time, within budget, while minimizing disruption to the surrounding public.

Our computer consulting services includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of geographic information systems and related databases, personal computer (PC) network design construction, and maintenance, and PC software application development.

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